Contributions Infographic

How The Fund Works

Every month, you contribute 10% of your wages or salary towards the Provident Fund.

In addition, the employer also contributes 10% of your wages (on your behalf) to the Fund. A portion of this contribution goes towards your retirement savings and a portion is used to cover your risk benefit costs, such as death, disability and funeral benefits.

Retirement savings are invested by the Fund over the term of membership. The interest earned through this investment is added to your retirement savings (fund credit) on a daily basis.

Members will receive a tax deduction on employer and member contributions to all retirement funds up to 27,5% of the greater of remuneration or taxable income. A maximum of R 350 000 per year will apply to all funds combined.

Please check your payslip for the exact amount you are contributing.


Member Contributes 10% (100% of your member contribution is invested for you by the Fund).
Employer Contributes 10% (A portion of the employer's contribution goes towards the various costs including risk benefits and the remainder is invested for you by the Fund).




The Fund provides a Life Stage investment strategy specifically designed to keep your investments safe as you near retirement. From 1 March 2018 you will be automatically invested in one of three Life Stage portfolios (Growth, Conservative or Cash Portfolio) according to your age and remaining term to retirement.

For more information, please refer to the Member Guide or the Benefits fact sheet.

Note: Audited benefit statements are distributed annually.